The Tau Ceti Co-operative Ltd

Who are we ?

Tau Ceti is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed in February 2003 by a group of technologists who decided that the best way to support their hosting needs would be to set up an organisation which helps other people with their hosting needs — a virtuous cycle was born.

You too can become a subscriber to Tau Ceti!

On doing so, you join our great community of technologists, artists, enthusiasts, small businesses and extraordinary people who host their websites on our server.

Get started - become a subscriber

It’s easy — simply download our domain registration form, enter the details about you and your domain, scan it and send it through to our secretary. We’ll assign the setup of your domain to one of our volunteers and have you up and running in no time. Our charges are simple too — just $10 setup and $7.50 per month.

Register now.

We have many other offerings too including secondary DNS, domain forwarding, static IP’s among others. Be sure to read our standing orders for a full rundown of our services.

Some of our happy subscribers include:

Get involved — become a member

Volunteers keep Tau Ceti running smoothly. Enthusiastic individuals who can bring their console-kung-fu or administrative genius to our organisation are very welcome. A one-time only membership fee of $50 gets you on board and we’ll start finding interesting and useful things to do to help us keep Tau Ceti a going concern. We’re always looking for people who can contribute to the day to day operation of a volunteer organisation.

Our current members include:

Stephen Farrugia
David Hook
Peter Grant
Travis Winters
Jon Eaves
Andrew Cosgriff
Rupert Jones
Peter Morse
Kanyana Phaholtap

How we work

The Tau Ceti Co-operative Ltd is governed by a set of rules, registered with the Registrar of Co-operatives in the State of Victoria, Australia. Like all registered co-operatives we are also covered by the Co-operatives Act of 1996.


Tau Ceti is a star that has been popular in science fiction stories and some home computer games. What our chances are of being featured in stories and games we don’t know. However, there’s definitely life in this Tau Ceti Co-operative! As for the star, if you want to know more have a look at Christoph Kulmann’s web page on it.